• Step 1 - Consultation

    We start off with a detailed discussion to understand your holiday decorating vision, budget, and specific requirements for your home or space.

  • Step 2 - Design Concept

    Based on your input and our expertise, we develop a unique holiday decor concept that aligns with your style, whether it’s traditional, modern, rustic, or any other theme you prefer.

  • Step 3 - Budget Planning

    We work with you to establish a budget that suits your financial goals while achieving the desired holiday look and ambiance.

  • Step 4 - Decor Selection

    After budget approval, we select and source holiday decor items, including ornaments, lights, wreaths, trees, and any custom elements needed to realize the design.

  • Step 5 - Installation & Setup

    Our team handles the installation, placing decor items strategically to enhance the festive atmosphere. This includes decorating your tree, hanging wreaths, and lighting displays.

  • Step 6 - Tablescaping & Centerpieces

    We also design stunning holiday tablescapes, incorporating festive centerpieces, table linens, and dining accessories for your holiday gatherings.

  • Step 7 - Post-holiday Take Down

    After the holiday season, we provide post-holiday take down services, carefully removing and storing all decor items for future use.

  • Step 8 - Storage Solutions

    We offer storage solutions for holiday decor, so you can keep your cherished items organized and in pristine condition for the next season.

Ready to get started?

With our step-by-step holiday Christmas decor services, you can relax and enjoy a beautifully decorated space that captures the spirit of the season, from the initial concept to the post-holiday cleanup.